About Redstart Systems

This is a legacy website.

These pages contain a lot of information about the Utter Command speech recognition toolset and commands and the structured grammar concepts that I developed to work with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

I began using speech input with the Kurzweil speech system that predated Dragon, then moved on to Dragon Dictate, and then Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I built many sets of speech commands starting in the early 90’s, including Kim’s Mouse Macros.

The effort eventually became the large set of speech recognition commands and tools dubbed Utter Command, and turned into a company, Redstart Systems. (Thanks Laurie Garden, Wren Hunt, Rick Mohr, Phil Plageman and John Vittal, and also Jeff Mallet, who did some stellar programming for us, and all our user testers, especially Bill and Sue.)

Redstart Systems wound down several years ago and is no longer selling Utter Command, but you can request a copy here.

I’m currently working on an open source project designed to make Utter-Command-style commands widely available.

For more information about the current effort and the other things I’m doing, see the PatchonTech blog and the PatchonTech project pages on Speech Input, Interactive Transcripts, and Short Text.

- Kim Patch 2021-01-09