UC Command Examples

"3 After"  moves the cursor three words to the right

"3 Lines Delete"  deletes three lines starting with the line the cursor is on

"Line Bold"  bolds the line the cursor is on

"Outlook Bill Sue"  opens Outlook and addresses a message to Bill and Sue

"Google Site"  opens your default browser to google.com

"3 Befores Delete"  deletes the three words to the left of the cursor

"Word Search"  does a Google search on the word nearest the cursor

"Line Duplicate Repeat 10"  makes 10 copies of the current line

"Screen Clear"  minimizes all programs

"All Copy To Outlook"  copies the current document and pastes it to a new Outlook message

"2 Before"  moves the cursor two words to the left

"Find Figure"  finds the next instance of the word "Figure" in the current document

"Home Delete Cap h"  hits the home, delete, then shift h keys

"2 Afters Cut"  cuts the two words to the right of the cursor

"Outlook Bill CC Molly Rick"  opens Outlook and addresses a message to Bill CC'd to Molly and Rick

"Copy to List 1"  copies selected text to the end of the List 1 UC clipboard file

"UC Lesson 7"  opens the UC lesson 7 file

"3 Minutes Break"  turns the microphone off, then says "I'm back" and turns it on again three minutes later

"Redstart Folder"  calls up the current program's Open dialog box open to the Redstart folder

"Under t w"  hits the menu item that has an underlined "t", then hits "w" -- in Word this opens the Word Count dialog box

"3rd Word"  selects the 3rd word of the current line

"August Budget File"  opens the file named August Budget

"Today Short"  types the current date in this form: 6/15/07

"Today Long"  types the current date in this form: June 15, 2007

"Window Close Yes"  closes a document and saves changes in one step

"Window 2"  opens a program from the taskbar

"Copy To Window 1"  copies selected text to the first window on the taskbar

"Copy To List 2"  copies selected text to to the bottom of the "List 2" UC Clipboard file

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