Redstart Systems Privacy Policy

Except as described below, Redstart Systems does not collect personal information about visitors to its Web site. The company also does not publicly release or otherwise distribute information that either identifies people (personally identifying information) or that could be used to identify people.

Personally Identifying Information

Redstart Systems, like nearly all businesses, keeps track of its customers' names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers and other billing information. This information is gathered only from people who purchase Redstart Systems products and services.

Redstart Systems also maintains lists of names and email addresses of people who sign up for mailing lists, who submit information using those contact forms on Redstart Systems' Web site that require names and email addresses, and/or who register to use interactive features of the Web site.

Redstart Systems does not sell, rent or trade personally identifying information. Redstart Systems does not in any way reveal personally identifying information except to its own employees, contractors and affiliated organizations for confidential company use, and as required by law.

Information That Could Be Used to Identify Individuals

Redstart Systems' Web site uses cookies and tracks IP addresses. Cookies are small pieces of data that Web sites place on visitors' computers and that browsers present to the Web sites on return visits. Visitors can set their browsers to reject cookies, however, this might block the visitor from using certain features of Redstart Systems' Web site. IP addresses are numbers assigned by Internet Service Providers to differentiate computers using the Internet. Web sites log the IP addresses of visitors.

This information by itself does not reveal personal identities, however, it is possible to match this information with other information to determine an individual's identity. Redstart Systems does not attempt to discover anyone's identity from this information. We use it to enable certain features of Redstart Systems' Web site and to monitor and evaluate the use of the site.

Redstart Systems Automatic Reporting Features

Some Redstart Systems products contain features that report, or that allow users to report, to Redstart Systems problems and usage patterns of Redstart Systems software and related software, including speech recognition programs, operating systems and application programs such as email programs, Web browsers and office productivity products. This information can include the configuration of the user's computer and snapshots of the Redstart Systems software code running on the user's computer.

Some of these reporting features give the user the option of including personally identifying information, but do not require it. Those features indicate that the personally identifying information is for company use only in accordance with this privacy policy. The reporting features are used to analyze the use and performance of Redstart Systems software products, but are not used to track any individual's use of the software.

Mailing Lists

Redstart Systems mailing lists are always opt-in. Each message sent to subscribers of Redstart Systems mailing lists also includes instructions on how to unsubscribe from the mailing list in order to avoid receiving future messages.

Privacy Policy Changes

Redstart Systems may make changes to its privacy policy from time to time, though changes are likely to be minor. All changes will be posted on this page.sted on this page.\par }