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Speech Recognition
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Assistive Technology


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Speech Recognition


Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional

Nuance's list of NatSpeak resellers

Nuance's NatSpeak Support

Nuance's NatSpeak Knowledgebase

Vocola (Rick Mohr's command language for writing custom speech commands)

SayWhatPro (David Austin's macro utility for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro)

Microphones and Sound Cards

eMicrophones (microphones and other speech recognition hardware; includes useful video clips)

The USBD-2A Stereo Audio Adapter ("pod") from Andrea Electronics

The ME3 Headset Microphone from Sennheiser
Sennheiser's list of resellers (Sennheiser doesn't sell directly)

VXI Corporation


AM Technologies (NatSpeak, training)

Computers Made Effective aka Talk to Type aka 1st-Dragon (microphones, NatSpeak)

EnableMart (microphones, NatSpeak)

EXAQ Micro Services (NatSpeak, training)

InSync Speech Technologies (microphones, NatSpeak)

NextWave Solutions (microphones, NatSpeak)

Peter Cohen Associates (microphones, NatSpeak, training)

Say I Can (microphones, NatSpeak) (microphones, NatSpeak)

Zephyr-TEC (microphones, NatSpeak, training)

Speech Recognition Community

Forums, newsgroups and wikis:

KnowBrainer's Unofficial NaturallySpeaking Public Forum

ms-speech: Microsoft Speech Recognition

Speech Computing


Terry Gold
"Entrepreneurship, Speech Recognition, VoIP, Wireless and..."

Melissa from Canberra, Australia
"Look, mum, no hands! - Hands-free Computing with NaturallySpeaking 8 + Natlink/Vocola"

Microsoft's Rob Chambers
"Rob's Rhapsody: Rob Chambers talks about Speech Recognition in Windows, Life at Microsoft, and other random thoughts..."

Microsoft's Richard Sprague
"Sprague Weblog: Speech recognition, natural language, and other thoughts at Microsoft"

Microsoft's Robert Brown
"All the cool developers use Speech APIs You want to be cool, don't you? ;-)"

Assistive Technology

The Association for Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP)
has a list of state AT programs throughout the United States:

There are many state programs that will help you pay for assistive technology outright or through loans. Browse the ATAP site to find programs in your state.


Redstart Systems founder Kim Patch began using speech recognition software twelve years ago after she was hit with repetitive strain injuries. To learn more about her experiences, see Greetings from planet RSI: an attempt to explain what it's like to have hands that hurt all the time and Advice from planet RSI: how to get better.

Scriven RSI resources page (compiled by Kim Patch)

Handwriting for Heroes is the Web site for the book of the same name by Kathleen Yancosek and Kristin Gulick. Handwriting for Heroes is a workbook for learning to write with your previously non-dominant hand. Patients can find therapists and therapists can contact the authors through the site.