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Utter Command (UC) is a speech interface made up of

1.  A fast, intuitive command system

     •  Language that’s natural for command-and-control
     •  Enables you to speak in command phrases
     •  Works across all programs

2.  Powerful applets

     •  Rulers - single-step mouse control
     •  UC List - tools to speed up many types of tasks
     •  UC Clipboard - sort information as you collect it

     For details see Overview.

3.  Extensive learning materials

     •  Cheat sheets, Full Reference, Lessons, step-by-step Tours
     •  Single speech command calls up any subsection
     •  On-screen guides: efficient process, training

     For details see UC Manual.

The Human-Machine Grammar system underlies Utter Command.

UC command examples

Command examples that include documentation references

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