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Utter Command includes extensive documentation and training materials, including lessons and self-guided tours. If you're computer-savvy, you'll be able to get yourself up and running.

Utter Command training gets you up to speed quickly with the programs you use.

Training is especially appropriate if you have repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). It'll get you up running hands-free without a lot of extra time in front of the computer.

We do an analysis of the programs you use and the tasks you carry out in those programs. We prepare custom command sequences that step you through the best way to apply UC commands to those tasks. Then we coach you through those sequences.

With training you'll be able to do your work quickly hands-free no matter what programs you use. You'll also be able to build efficient hands-free sequences to get yourself up to speed quickly in any new program.

The right package for you depends on how much coaching you need to get started, and how many tasks you want help getting yourself up to speed on quickly.

Training includes
· an analysis of the tasks you do on your computer
· custom task preparation based on the analysis
· in-person or remote training sessions (we use GoToMeeting for remote sessions)

In-person training sessions are three or four hours. Remote training sessions can be as short as half an hour. We offer training in packages and a la carte.
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