Utter Command On-screen Guides

The 36 On-screen Guides are lists of helpful information that appear in a window on the right side of your screen when you call them up.

They include lists of program commands like Top Word Commands, tour scripts like the UC Whirlwind Tour, drill guides like Key Combinations Drills, reference lists like the Alpha-Zulu words, and seven custom guides that you can use to keep your own notes or lists.

This screenshot shows the UC Alpha-Zulu Words guide, which lists the radio operator words you can use as an alternative to saying letter names.

The 36 On-screen Guides

Program command lists:
   Top General Commands 
   Top Email Commands
   Top Web Commands
   Top Word Commands
   Top Excel Commands
   Top PowerPoint Commands
   Top Reader Commands
Tour scripts and drill guides:
    Whirlwind Tour 
    Advanced Whirlwind Tour
    Task Tours
    Review Tours 1-10
    Correction Drills
    Key Combinations Drills
    Text Drills 1-4
Reference lists and custom guides:
    Key Names 
    Alpha-Zulu Words
    Standard Lists
    Custom 1-7

You can call up an On-screen Guide with a single command by saying "UC" followed by the first word of the guide name. You'll also find the guides in the third section of the UC menu.

Top command guides examples

"UC Top General"

This guide shows the basic commands for using Utter Command and controlling your computer.

"UC Top Word"

This guide shows the top keyboard shortcuts for Word.

You can say keyboard shortcuts by speech and combine keyboard shortcuts to carry out several keyboard/mouse actions at once.
Tour scripts guides examples

"UC Whirlwind"

This guide lists the commands in the Whirlwind Tour.

"UC Task"

This guide lists the commands for each of the 34 Task Tours.
Custom guides example

"UC Custom 1"

Use the seven custom guides to keep your own notes or lists.

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