Some of UC's capabilities

Utter Command lets you use a single speech command to, for instance,

·  open the UC documentation directly to any section or subsection
e.g. "UC Lesson 1.7" (UC Lesson 1.7)
·  go directly to a section or subsection of any document
e.g. "Find Section 3" (UC Lesson 10.1)
· open any Windows or program dialog box
e.g. "Search Open" (UC Lesson 2.7, 3.3)
·  move and size a window or dialog box
e.g. "Size 50 By 90" (UC Lesson 2.12)
·  move down a page in one document while your cursor remains in another document
e.g. "Word Screen Down Return" (UC Lesson 2.14)
·  open a menu (including right-click menus) and click a menu item buried many levels deep
e.g. "Under i p f" (UC Lesson 2.19, 3.3)
·  open any dialog box for a few seconds to check a setting then close it
e.g."Under t w Close" (UC Lesson 3.4)
·  move and click the mouse arrow
e.g. "50 By 50" (UC Lesson 4.2)
·  go directly to any file or folder
e.g. "Excel Budget Folder" (UC Lesson 5.6, 5.7)
·  hit any key many times in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
e.g. "Exclamation Times 20" (UC Lesson 6.7)
·  hit any key combination
e.g. "Shift Control b" (UC Lesson 6.9)
·  hit several keys or key combinations in a row
e.g. "Home Hyphen Space" (UC Lesson 6.13)
·  format many elements at once by hitting as many as four keys in a row, then repeating the cycle as many as 10 times
e.g. "Down Home Hyphen Space Repeat 7" (UC Lesson 6.14)
·  select and delete, cut, copy or format words, lines or paragraphs in any program
e.g. "3 Befores Delete" (UC Lesson 7)
·  open and address an email message to as many as three recipients
e.g. "Outlook Bill CC Sue" (UC Lesson 8.4)
·  go directly to any Web site
e.g. "Redstart Systems Site" (UC Lesson 9.2)
·  find any keyword in any program
e.g. "Find Section 3" (UC Lesson 10.1)
·  copy a selection to any program
e.g. "Line Copy To Word" (UC Lesson 10.2)
·  number existing lines
e.g. "1 Through 20 Home Enter" (UC Lesson 10.8)
·  set break reminders to go off every half-hour
e.g. "2 Minutes Break Wait 30 Minutes Repeat 1-10" (UC Lesson 10.12)
·  set a reminder to "call John" in 45 minutes
e.g. "45 Minutes Call John" (UC Lesson 10.13)
·  change media player tracks while working in another program
e.g. "Media 2 After" (UC Lesson 10.15)
·  fill out two fields of a form at once
e.g. "1 Tab Address 2 Tab Boston" (UC Lesson 10.22)
·  fully enable the commandline interface
e.g. "Directory Enter" (UC Lesson 10.23)
·  name a mouse click, or two clicks in a row
e.g. "Color Touch", "Color Blue Touch" (UC Lesson 10.24)
·  select and search for selected text on a specific Web site
e.g. "Word Gold Bamboo Search" (UC Lesson 9.7)

More command examples

Command comparisons

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