The Utter Command menu

The Utter Command menu gives you access to the Utter Command documentation, on-screen guides, dialog boxes and utilities. When Utter Command is loaded the Utter Command icon appears in your System Tray.

Right-clicking on the Utter Command icon brings up the Utter Command menu:

Utter Command menu description

Section 1 items help get you started with Utter Command:
Getting Started pdf
Whirlwind Tour On-screen Guide.

Section 2 has on-screen versions of all sections of the Utter Command manual (see UC Intro 5.1 for more details about the UC manual.)

Contents, Intro, Appendices, Index; Contents shows you what to say to get to any section or subsection of the UC manual.
Lessons take you through every UC command and include examples and self-guided tours

Task Tours of 36 common tasks include sending email, editing, browsing the Web, making an Excel chart, making a PowerPoint presentation (Task Tours list including videos)

References include a Full Reference of every command with brief explanantions, Quick Reference of all commands, and Common Commands cheat sheet.

Visual Cheat Sheets illustrate key Windows, Windows Explorer, dialog box, email, Web, and UC List commands.

Section 3 has on-screen guides open in a thin window on the right side of your screen. Other programs size around the guides so you can see them at the same time
Top Commands show the top commands for common programs like Word and Excel
Tour Guides show the UC Whirlwind, Task and Lesson Review tours
Drill Guides show the Self-guided Drills from Lessons 1, 6 and 7.

Key, Letter and List Guides show speech names for keyboard keys, letters, and the UC List presets.

Custom Guides are blank on-screen guides you can type or paste into (say "Custom 1 File" to call up source.)

Section 4 items bring up an Utter Command dialog box or screen element

UC List allows you to organize your own File, Folder, Web Site, email Nickname, Keyword and Reminder word lists so you can use a single command to get to any file, folder or Web site, set up an email message, find any keyword in any document, and set a reminder with any message (see UC UC List Visual Cheat Sheet and UC Lessons 5.6, 5.7, 8.4, 9.2, 10.1 and 10.13).

UC Rulers puts rulers around your screen that help you more precisely control the mouse by speech. When the rulers are active you can say "Rulers Menu" to open a menu that allows you to control what the rulers look like (see UC Lesson 2.5).

Sections 5 and 6 items bring up pages from the Utter Command Web site and the About dialog box.

One speech command away

You can use a single speech command to bring up any item on the Utter Command menu:
To call up any Utter Command menu or submenu item directly
say "UC" plus the first word -- or in cases of ambiguity two words -- of a menu item
Examples: "UC Task" clicks UC Menu/Task Tours, which opens the Task Tours On-screen Guide
  "UC Top" clicks the UC Menu/Top Commands/Top General, to open the Top Commands submenu
  "UC Top General" clicks the UC Menu/Top Commands/Top General to bring up the Top General Onscreen Guide
  "UC Tour" clicks UC Menu/Tour Guides, which brings up the Tour Guides submenu
  "UC List" clicks UC Menu/List, which opens the UC List dialog box