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"Utter Command... is a lifesaver. I find it as critical as Dragon itself, and I say this because Dragon was unusable for me prior to Utter Command since I was unable to control the mouse or browse the web satisfactorily with speech alone..."
- DragonSpeechRookie on Speech Computing forum
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"...we see some real promise in the approach taken by Redstart."
- Dan Miller, Opus Research
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"From what I’ve read, the makers of Utter Command have themselves very well put together. Their website is a huge point in their favor..."
- Hand to Mouth: Assistive Technology blog
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"I went to the "Closing the Gap" conferenence in Minneapolis... Here are my top take aways:
1. Utter Command – Voice Commands for Dragon for better Windows interface use..."
- Chad’s Adventures blog
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"...There is a new product out that speeds up voice recognition considerably. It is Utter Command by Redstart Systems. I've seen a demo and you can do a number of actions in a very short time using their speech interface software..."
- John Bannick, post on Audyssey's Gamers forum
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