Elements of Utter Command

Utter Command consists of
    a system of concise, consistent commands that allow you to control every aspect of your computer using speech
    a set of powerful applets: UC List, UC Rulers, UC Clipboard
    on-screen command guides
    PDF documentation

This composite screenshot shows you the visible elements of Utter Command. The command listed below each label calls up that element.

UC Rulers (optional)
"Rulers Open"

Utter Command desktop icon
UC On-screen Guides
e.g. "UC Top General"
UC List dialog box
"UC List"
Rulers menu
"Rulers Menu"
UC menu
"UC Menu"
Rulers tray icon UC tray icon

  • The Utter Command menu gives you access to all of Utter Command's elements.

  • The UC List allows you to organize your own File, Folder, Web Site, email Nickname, Keyword, Reminder, form, commandline and mouse click lists so you can use a single command to get to any file, folder or Web site, set up an email message, find any keyword in any document, set a reminder, fill out multiple form fields, execute any command line command, and click the mouse once or twice in a row.

  • The UC Rulers utility puts rulers around your screen so you can more precisely place the mouse and move windows.

  • The UC Clipboard lets you to copy or cut multiple sections of text or graphics without having to immediately paste them, and to collect one or many pieces of information in clipboard-like files that don’t disappear when you turn off your computer.

  • The 36 On-screen Guides are lists of helpful information that appear in a window on the right side of your screen. They include lists of program commands like Top Word Commands, tour scripts like the UC Whirlwind Tour, drill guides like Key Combinations Drills, reference lists like the Alpha-Zulu words, and seven custom guides that you can use to keep your own notes or lists.

You can also call up the PDF of any Utter Command manual chapter to a specific section. For example, "UC Lesson 2.5" opens the onscreen documentation to section 5 of Lesson 2:

Utter Command also provides audio feedback in five situations where it's important to know what's happening and visual feedback is absent or insufficient.

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