Tour of the Utter Command manual

The Utter Command manual features lessons, self-guided tours, command lists, cheat sheets and task tours. The electronic version included with the software is easy to navigate by speech. The manual is also accessible from the Utter Command menu

UC Contents:  compact and detailed tables of contents; shows you what to say to call up any section or subsection of the UC manual in a single step. Download the full table of contents.
UC Getting Started:  all you need to get started with UC: the Whirlwind Tour, First Commands cheat sheet, and brief explanations of the UC Menu, UC List and Rulers

UC Intro:  overview, installation, setup and optimization instructions, and a whirlwind tour of the software
UC Lessons:  all you need to know about UC in 10 detailed lessons, including self-guided tours
UC Task Tours:  36 practical tours that walk you through common tasks including sending email; accessing any file, folder or Web site; controlling your music player; navigating documents; cutting and pasting with the UC Clipboard files; and efficiently using programs like Word, Writer, Excel and PowerPoint. Compare UC steps to keyboard/mouse steps.
UC Full:  a lesson-by-lesson reference of all UC commands including descriptions
UC Quick:  a concise reference of all UC commands
UC Common Commands:  cheat sheet of common commands -- First Commands (see Getting Started) are green  
UC Visual:  visual cheat sheet lookups of seven key areas: Windows system menus, Windows Explorer, file-handling dialog boxes, navigating dialog boxes, email, the Web and UC List
UC Shortcuts:  lists of shortcut keys for Windows, email programs, Web browsers, Adobe Reader, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows Media Player, Gmail, Google Documents and Google Spreadsheets
UC Appendices:  maintenance tips, troubleshooting and workarounds, UC and NatSpeak command comparison, a brief explanation of the Human-Machine Grammar and words that underpin UC
UC Index:  alphabetical index of commands